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Murree, a beautiful hill station situated in the KPK region of Pakistan is a tourism hotspot for locals and foreigners alike. A couple of hours from Islamabad, come the weekend and people from surrounding areas travel to Murree to experience the natural beauty on offer and the scenic places to visit in Murree. Stroll down the famous Mall Road to experience the lively food and shopping culture on offer.

Travel to Kashmir point and sneak a peak of the snow-capped Himalayan range and the continuing scenic beauty of Kashmir. Travel to Patriata in less than 30 mins and experience the cable car/chairlift service providing a stunning view of the surrounding beauty. Reach Ayubia in less than an hour and enjoy the serene 4 km long Ayubia National Park, on its beautiful walking track and scattered wildlife to engage with.

With natural scenic beauty all round and other hill stations such as Bhurban and Ayubia nearby, finding the right hotel to make your journey memorable is vital. Find the best hotels and guesthouses in Murree and the best room rates for hotels on Mall Road including PC Bhurban Hotel One Murree, Lockwood Hotel Murree, Shangrila Resort Murree, Movenpick Hotel Murree, Maisonette Hotel Murree, Hotel Metropole Murree to name a few of our partner hotels.