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Hotels In Faisalabad - Guest House In Faisalabad - Goghoom
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Faislabad, often referred to as the ‘Manchester of Pakistan’ due to its strong agricultural and industrial base is Pakistan’s 3rd largest city. Faislabad is steeped in rich history and heritage. Experience the vibrant shopping culture at the famous Clock Tower area and its famous 8 bazaars to get a flavour of the city.

Experience the famous Jinnah Bagh and Gatwala Wildlife Park to experience the well preserved parks & natural reserves of Faislabad. Known for its fruit production there are several fruit farms with the city being surrounded by acres of beautiful fruit farms to provide a beautiful view of the city. Being a business and commercial hub as well, there are a number of excellent places to stay at.

With a rich culture to experience around the city, find the best hotels in Faislabad including Best Western Hotel Faislabad, Royalton Hotel Faislabad, Garvaish Hotel in Faislabad and Hotel One Faislabad being just some of our hospitality partners in the city.