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Chitral is the largest district in the KPK province of Pakistan and consists of the 3 beautiful valley regions of Bambureit, Rumbor and Birir. Chitral Valley is a tourist hotspot due to the vibrant and unique culture existing in the region. A standout factor of Chitral are the people of the Kalash region that date back their history to Alexander the Great and his conquering armies leaving behind a great history and heritage still evident today. Experience the famous Chitral museum and enhance your knowledge about the history of the region and its people. Polo is a sport played and followed religiously in the region, therefore naturally a number of beautiful Polo grounds exist that are frequently home to matches and crowds flocking to enjoy the sport. In order to experience the beauty of the localized shopping culture of Chitral, stroll through the famous Chitral Town bazaars and find a great variety of locally woven cloth, woolen caps, rugs, dry fruits and gem stones. Chitral is also home to the world famous yearly festivals arranged by the people of Kalash such as the Chilam Joshi Festival, Shandur Polo Festival, Qaqlasht Festival, Jashn e Chitral and others aimed to celebrate different aspects of Kalasha and Chitrali culture. In order to fully experience the vibrant and exciting Chitrali culture it is vital to find the best tours and hotels in Chitral. Find the best hotels in Chitral including Terichmir View Hotel, Pamir Hotel Chitral, PTDC Motel Chitral and others from our list of premier hospitality partners.