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Bahawalpur, known also as the ‘city of forts’ is a culturally rich area that was once the capital of the former princely state which was created by the Durrani Empire and was broken up in 1802. Today Bahawalpur is the 12th largest city in Pakistan, located in Punjab. Being a city steeped in history, Bahawalpur is home to numerous historic landmarks and is a popular destination for archaeologists and historians alike. The city is popularly known for its cotton silk production readily available in the bazaars around the city. Experience the thrilling Jeep Rally held annually in the Cholistan Desert that visitors from all around the world come to witness. Experience the famous Derawar Fort, home to the tombs of the Amirs (Rulers) of Bahawalpur which are decorated with beautiful blue glazed tiles that contrast beautifully with the earthy landscape. The fort also contains several cannons that are kept as an homage to the Nawab of Bahawalpur and his army. The newly renovated Noor Mahal (a palace in Bahawalpur) is another must see attraction of the city built along beautiful neoclassical lines and returned to its former glory. Bahawalpur is a great site for discovering gems hidden in the historic city and to truly experience its beauty finding the right base is vital. Find the best hotels in Bahawalpur such as Hotel One Bahawalpur, Hotel One Multan, Pak Continental Hotel Bahawalpur, PTDC Motel Bahawalpur, The Grand Regency Bahawalpur to name a few of our hospitality partners.