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Nathiagali is a beautiful hill station that was originally designated as the summer head-quarters of the Chief Commissioner of Peshawar during the British Raj but is now a hotspot for locals and foreigners alike. Part of the famous Galyat region that is home to other famous hill stations as well, Nathiagali is a short drive from Islamabad with scenic beauty all around. Experience the diverse wildlife of the area as the town is home to various species of butterflies, birds, Hill Rhesus Monkeys and the almost extinct Hill Leopard that can be a rare sighting in the forests of Ayubia National Park. Feeling adventurous? Visit the 9,200 ft elevated Mushkpuri Top starting at Dunga Gali and experience the beauty of the region from the best vantage point in the area. To fully experience the natural beauty of Nathiagali finding the right accommodation is vital. Find the best hotels in Nathiagali including Amore Hotel Nathiagali, Elite Hotel Nathiagali, Green Retreat Hotel Nathiagali, Shangrila Pines Hotel Nathiagali, Summer Retreat Hotel Nathiagali. Royal Villas Nathiagali and many more from our list of hospitality partners.